30 Days of Halo: Day 28 – Favourite Halo Cosplay

I envy cosplayers, I envy them so much. They work so hard, labouring for months and months to build the costume of their favourite characters and wear it to a convention with like-minded people, celebrating their love for various characters across various franchises. It must be quite surreal to walk into a room and see people gathered in a circle dressed up as Link, Ezio, Commander Shepard, the Eleventh Doctor and the Dragonborn just having a normal conversation.

That’s a world I wish I could get into, but it has to be said that I lack the craftsmanship to create something quite as amazing as those I’ve seen. Fancy dress parties are still a daunting prospect for me, damn it…

But anyway, the Halo cosplay that I would consider my favourite is one that I followed the development process of for a number of months. It’s one that I thought was absolutely bloody mad, yet brilliant, and had no idea if they could pull it off. But they did.

The Ur-Didact…

cp1Just take that in for a moment because it’s absolutely amazing… Forerunner armour is comprised of a various amount of floating, disconnected segments which have been perfectly recreated here. Not only that, but the armour is practically identical to the Ur-Didact’s in the game.

cp2The Needler prop is excellent as well, safe to say that you would not want to bump into this fully armoured Promethean in the toilet…

Support Evil FX by liking his Facebook page and checking out this awesome video of him in the armour.


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