30 Days of Halo: Day 26 – Favourite Multiplayer Gametype

One of the best things about Halo‘s multiplayer is the sheer variety of gametypes you can play and how many custom options you’re given, when Forge was introduced in Halo 3 there were so many awesome new maps and gametypes tailored to those maps. But, for me, the best gametype is something you can just jump into right off the bat, the definitive experience for Halo‘s multiplayer.


ImageLuke Smith summed the experience up perfectly.

“Two men enter, the better man leaves. The lesser man is respawning. And that’s Halo.”

The simplicity of just jumping into a match with complete strangers (or friends) to shoot them in the face with an array of weapons, be they from massively overpowered pistols, a flag pole, or a well-placed headshot from a sniper rifle, there are few more rewarding experiences than finishing a game with a plethora of medals telling you that you’ve been awesome.


“Double kill! Triple kill! Overkill!”

(Don’t even deny it, you read that in Jeff Steitzer’s voice!)

Slayer has been in Halo since the beginning, I have many fond memories of the days where I’d pack my Xbox up in a bag and take it to a friend’s house down the street so we could play Halo CE on multliple consoles. In Halo 2, I have distinct memories of staying up well into the early hours of the morning to play “one more game” off Tower of Power – a fan-made Slayer variant where you have 2 teams playing on the map Ascension, you race to the turret at the top of the tower and have to defend it from the other team, no shields or motion sensors, just you and a trusty shotgun.

Slayer is what I consistently find myself going back to in every Halo multiplayer, it’s fun, fast-paced chaos which always leaves me saying “just one more game… maybe two?”


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