30 Days of Halo: Day 19 – Favourite Moment in Halo 3

This one’s pretty tough to decide because I am not a particularly big fan of Halo 3‘s rather sub-par, disappointing story which has very little in the way of memorable moments for me. I think that it had so much potential to do something amazing following the set-up granted by Halo 2, but sadly the main intrigue of the narrative is making you wonder when exactly the plot will actually materialise and something interesting will happen (which ultimately took up half the game).

So my favourite moment is not necessarily like the other ‘favourite moment’ posts I’ve made where it’s part of the story told through the cutscenes, my favourite moment is actually from one of the text-based Terminals scattered around the latter half of the campaign.


I render judgment on you; you who would obstruct destiny. Doing so brings me no joy; it is necessity that compels me.

Understand this: the Mantle you have shouldered I do rescind – with far more consideration than it was granted.

I kill you all and I enjoy it. I destroy you in your indolent billions – in your gluttony, in your self-righteousness, in you arrogance. I pound your cities into dust; turn back the clock on your civilization’s progress. What has taken you millennia to achieve I erase in seconds.

Welcome back to the [Stone Age], vermin. Welcome home.

You are an impediment that the universe can no longer abide. Nature itself cries out for your destruction and I am its willing instrument. I will hammer your cities until no stone lies atop another.

I will drive your people back into the caves they never should have left.

Your civilization has seen its final days. You will know your place.

Your history is an appalling chronicle of overindulgence and self-appointed authority. You have spent millennia [navel-gazing] while the universe has continued to evolve. And now you claim the Mantle is justification for impeding nature’s inevitable refinement?

You are deluded. But through death you will transcend ignorance.

This is the chilling message that Mendicant Bias sends his creators, the Forerunners, when he defects to the Flood after speaking with the Primordial for 43 years.

The true meaning of Mendicant Bias’ words only really became apparent with the release of Halo: Cryptum and the following books in the Forerunner Saga which chronicle the history of the galaxy’s ancient guardians. They upheld their guardianship by ensuring that no other species rose to challenge them the way that Ancient Humanity and the San’Shyuum did, and when the Flood finally came knocking on their galaxy again the Forerunners had no allies to turn to.

I honestly think that the Terminals were the best part of Halo 3‘s story because the main story itself was… well, wasted potential. The Terminals in pretty much all the games since Halo 3 have provided so much substance and depth to the Halo universe, it seems like an unfair comparison to make with a 6-8 hour long campaign – but it isn’t.


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4 Responses to 30 Days of Halo: Day 19 – Favourite Moment in Halo 3

  1. tedcat117 says:

    Yea, you’re right, Halo 3’s story was not really that great. It’s fun as hell to play though.

    • haruspis says:

      The Ark and The Covenant are excellent missions and I can’t resist the Warthog run at the end of the final mission, but I didn’t really enjoy the rest of the campaign missions though – WAY too much backtracking for my liking, Crow’s Nest and Floodgate are abominable in this regard.

  2. PakiMate says:

    So what’s your overall thoughts on Halo 3 BESIDES the story?

    • haruspis says:

      I actually intend to write a rumination piece on Halo 3 at some point in the future. Part of me wants to do it for the tenth anniversary next year, but that’s a LONG way away so I may write it sooner.

      I do still enjoy Halo 3, I can’t deny that MANY of my fondest gaming memories came from playing it from the beginning to the end of its lifespan. It really is a fantastic game, but one with many more flaws than I think most people are willing to entertain discussion of.

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