30 Days of Halo: Day 6 – Favourite Ship

To the Tumblr lot who may or may not be viewing this, I’m sorry to disappoint but I believe that this refers to ship as in a ‘space-faring vessel’…

Warning: This post will contain copious amounts of spaceship and scenery porn.

ImageShips are a huge part of science fiction, they’re iconic in their respective franchises – take the TARDIS from Doctor Who or the Enterprise from Star Trek – it’s safe to say that a large amount of the distinctive visual design of a science fiction universe is down to what the ships look like. For Halo, you don’t get much more noticeable than the Covenant’s ‘space whale’ design.


Bungie went through numerous designs for the Covenant as a whole, the various races, some of which were cut (for instance, the Huragok who eventually resurfaced in Halo 3: ODST were meant to be in Halo CE), saw numerous design overhauls. The bright, shiny purple colours weren’t even a part of their design at first, but eventually this is what they ended up with and it looks GLORIOUS.


There’s something about the design of these ships which is incredibly intimidating. Some of the most memorable scenes in some of the games feature these ships, be it the ODSTs dropping into New Mombasa as the Prophet of Regret flees Earth to go to Delta Halo, or when you’re flying through the skyline of New Alexandria and see two Covenant vessels descend on the city with their glassing beams.


With the construction of the UNSC Infinity completed, these ships look like flies in comparison – to the point where the Infinity could simply ram through them without sustaining any kind of damage. But before this technological milestone for humanity, dozens of their worlds were completely razed by the Covenant’s glassing beams leaving them as nothing but cinders in space.



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