Halo 5, Level-by-Level Analysis – Genesis

Having hitched a ride on the Guardian at Sunaion, we pick up where we left off with Fireteam Osiris arriving at Genesis in-pursuit of Blue Team.

I said at the end of the last post that everything following Battle of Sunaion just falls apart, but I’m genuinely taking that back. I replayed this mission expecting that this was the point where I was going to get frustrated beyond relief, that I would have very little in the way of positive things to say…

But I ended up having the exact opposite experience, barring several issues which I’ll talk about, this is a really strong mission.genesis48 Continue reading

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Halo 5, Level-by-Level Analysis – Battle of Sunaion

The time has come for Thel to lead the Swords of Sanghelios on the final great battle against the Covenant to kick them off his world, while Osiris navigates their way through the pre-Covenant city in order to reach the Guardian.

I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time, I really have. I love this mission, it is quite easily my favourite in the campaign. When I finished replaying it for the purpose of this analysis, I immediately quit back to the menu to play it over again. To me, it’s easily the crux of Halo 5’s quality regarding the campaign.

Expect a good deal of gushing in this post, though we will be looking through a very critical lens at the end as we talk about the implications of the Covenant’s future and the main issue with the conflict in Halo right now.half178 Continue reading

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Halo 5, Level-by-Level Analysis – Before The Storm

Osiris has recovered the Constructor and returned to Thel’s camp as everyone gears up for the battle of Sunaion which will bring an end to the Covenant (or so we’re led to believe).

Let me set the tone here, because there’s so little to actually be said here in terms of analysis: this mission is a complete waste of time… I would go as far as to wager it’s the most pointless mission in the franchise.swords38 Continue reading

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Halo 5, Level-by-Level Analysis – Enemy Lines

With their plan to get to the Guardian in-place, Osiris must first acquire a Constructor in order for Halsey to interface with the Guardian and feed it coordinates to (the place it was going to end up jumping to anyway) Genesis.

We’ve got another really strongly-crafted mission to analyse ahead of us, I’m a big fan of this one, though it’s not without its shortcomings as well – particularly where the Kraken fight is concerned. But we’ll get to that soon enough, first we’ve got to talk about the return of an even bigger problem in terms of storytelling…krak43 Continue reading

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Halo 5, Level-by-Level Analysis – Alliance

Having rescued Thel ‘Vadam from the Covenant’s assault on the Elder Council Chamber, Osiris joins forces with the Swords of Sanghelios – but tensions arise between Locke and Thel as some bad blood from the past comes to the fore.

This is our second of three weapons-down missions, and quite easily the best of the bunch! It’s another one of those missions that is as long as you make it, and for the purpose of this analysis I spent a good forty minutes soaking in every possible nugget of dialogue I could.

So let’s get right to it.half75 Continue reading

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Halo 5, Level-by-Level Analysis – Swords of Sanghelios

Where we last left off with Osiris, arrangements were being made for Osiris to be deployed to Sanghelios in order to gain access to the Guardian at Sunaion which has yet to be awakened. By feeding the Guardian coordinates gleaned from the Meridian Guardian’s slipspace coordinates, they will end up going to the same place.

I mean… we later learn that Cortana is summoning all the Guardians to Genesis anyway before deploying them, so this plan is ultimately pointless, but hey, I guess they don’t know that.

There was a lot to criticise in the last mission where we covered Reunion, that single post was one-fifth the length of my entire Halo 4 analysis to put it into perspective. Fortunately, we are now at my favourite part of the game so we can enjoy a respite with some more generally positive analysis. However, there’s still a number of things worthy of critique as well.half172 Continue reading

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Halo 5, Level-by-Level Analysis – Reunion

With Osiris safely off Meridian as the Guardian made its departure, they discuss their next move while Blue Team arrives at the Forerunner world Genesis to find Cortana.

This… is going to be a difficult post to make for me because this is where the writing just falls apart at the seams. As I was replaying this mission, there were some points where I was audibly just groaning at the dialogue and the direction this was taking the story and the universe as a whole.

I cannot even begin to articulate how every fibre of my being is against this Created nonsense, but I’m going to try my best at being as constructive as possible because I want to do this topic justice…half45 Continue reading

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