On Forerunner Architecture

The Forerunners lived as a space-faring race for over ten million years, their population likely numbering in the hundreds of billions. They were a genetically and culturally diverse people, with their Ecumene spanning over three million worlds.

And yet, some people think that their architectural style is singular, uniform… that it has just remained the same across time.

Well, is this the case? What examples of architectural diversity can we pick out with reference to the lore? And what does this ultimately tell us about the Forerunners themselves?

I can promise you answers to these questions, and hopefully change the way you think about the Forerunner playspaces many of us take for granted in the games.frca Continue reading

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On the Human-Forerunner Connection

This is a topic that I see no end of discussion of, and rarely is it actually a productive one. Please pardon my cynicism on the matter, but the discussion regarding the exact nature of the relationship between humanity and the Forerunners is often used for the purpose of slandering 343 for allegedly retconning the idea that humans and Forerunners are the same.

This is false. Seriously, anybody who posits this as a legitimate claim has, in all likelihood, not actually paid attention to either Bungie or 343’s fiction over the years.

So let’s examine this argument, shall we? This may take a while…forthencho7 Continue reading

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The Reclaimer Saga and the San’Shyuum

Here’s a suitably obscure but important lore topic to kick off my first post of 2015.

The San’Shyuum, better known to the wider audience as ‘the Prophets’, are one of the most important parts of the Halo story in ways that I don’t think we even fully understand yet. From their ancient alliance with humanity to their stewardship of the Covenant, the San’Shyuum have wormed their way into many important events and have constantly provided us with a great deal of mystery.

This post will aim to examine some of those mysteries in detail, and perhaps shed some light not only on what happened to them after the fall of the Covenant in Halo 3 but also what future role they may play in the Reclaimer Saga.tv12 Continue reading

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Halo 2 Anniversary: A Remastering of Character

By now, you’re all probably waist-deep in Halo nostalgia following the release of the Master Chief Collection – and rightfully so! The amount of content it has is absolutely staggering, there’s going to be a wealth of things to pick through and I’m thoroughly overwhelmed as I’m trying to get my head around Broken Circle, Nightfall, Halo 2 Anniversary’s Terminals, the updated encyclopaedia, and so on.

But I’d like to take a moment to look at a very specific scene in Halo 2 Anniversary, putting the awe of Blur’s beautiful cinematics aside for a moment to examine that it’s not just Halo’s combat that has evolved over ten years but the storytelling too.

For this, we’re going to examine the differences between the opening scene of The Arbiter.arb1 Continue reading

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Destiny – Dinklage Ex Machina

So, it has been some 4 years now since Bungie last released a game, and ever since the mention of a new IP being developed by one of the great titans of the industry, people have been eager to see what was in store.

(Console-exclusive content! Pre-order bonuses! The firing of grizzled ancients!)

The beta was a phenomenal success, I enjoyed it very much, and Bungie has allegedly made back the entire $500 million budget that was pumped into this Triple-A development juggernaut in a single day. Suffice to say, regardless of the game’s quality, enough people were nipped by the hype machine to make Destiny an instant success – so well done, Bungie. You’ve not only made your cake and eaten it, you created a trans-dimensional machine that has allowed you to get the cake back before it has even been digested.

However! Let’s not get our heads in a tizzy over this, let’s not get so hastily swept up in praise and merriment just because Bungie has crafted a success (did anybody even doubt this would happen?), for there are things that need criticising to keep us humble. With the help of my objectively correct opinions, let’s take a look at one of Destiny’s biggest stinkers.

The story…dem Continue reading

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Doctor Who, Into The Dalek – Review & Analysis

The Doctor: “Clara, be my pal, tell me… am I a good man?”

*40 minutes later*

Rusty: “You are a good Dalek.”

Well… bugger!itd1

Continue reading

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1 Year, Marching On…

A year is the period of the Earth moving in its orbit around the Sun. It’s a division of time equal to about 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes, and 46 seconds – representing the interval between one vernal equinox and the next.

That’s the length of time you’ve been stuck with me…

In the course of that year, I think I’ve achieved rather a lot with this blog. Back pat-worthy stuff, really! I started this up because two friends of mine would spend a good bit of time talking about how they were going to start up their own blogs to indulge in various creative endeavours, and at the time I thought little of it. But then other people I knew were starting up their own blogs and I caved into the demand to get one too.

So I thought to myself: “Okay, let’s see where this goes. Maybe I’ll try to stick with this?”

Next thing you know, I’ve got almost 100 articles written – including a 30 day challenge, various reviews, and a 50,000 word long dissertation written. The Halo 4 dissertation is by far my best accomplishment in writing so far, I’ve had a whole load of feedback from people on various sites (Reddit, Tumblr, Bungie.net, Waypoint, Rooster Teeth, and more), somebody told me that it was going to be presented in a lesson at their school, a friend of mine said that she was on the train and saw somebody reading it on their laptop… The response was overwhelming, and I’m definitely going to try and do that again when Halo 5: Guardians comes around (hopefully, it will have the same level, if not a greater level, of thematic depth to it for me to analyse).

So, what’s going to happen with the future of this blog? Business as usual, really. It’s Doctor Who time right now, my brain is engaged in Doctor Who mode, so every week I’ll endeavour to post up reviews/analyses of each episode.

But, in the meantime, I’d like to give a very big thank you to the 67,146 people who have tuned into this blog over the past year and read the drivel that I put out.

To another successful year of writing!

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