On the Precursors and the Three Vectors of Chaos

This we were told 100,000 years ago by the Great Gravemind.

Our urge to create is immutable; we must create. But the beings we create shall never again reach out in strength against us. All that is created will suffer. All will be born in suffering, endless greyness shall be their lot. All creation will tailor to failure and pain, that never again shall the offspring of the eternal Fount rise up against their creators. Listen to the silence. Ten million years of deep silence. And now, whimpers and cries; not of birth. That is what we bring: a great crushing weight to press down youth and hope. No more will. No more freedom. Nothing new but agonizing death and never good shall come of it.”

This we were told.

This gives the beings of the Halo universe one single, simple goal. Defiance.

Defiance against the will of the god-like beings who created all that we know, who structured the universe itself – moved stars across space, seeded whole galaxies with life, and linked together whole planets and solar systems with their immense Star Roads.

No biggie, right?reclaimer15 Continue reading

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On the Flood’s Endgame

Motives and goals are the key to any conflict, though the endgame, what everything is building towards, may not always be clear.

You might think it strange that I’m choosing the Flood, of all foes, as an example of this. Surely, you say, their goal is singularly to just infect everything and everyone, right?

Yes, you’re absolutely right. But that’s the boring way to look at it, honestly. The Flood is no simple parasite as we once thought, we know them now as the twisted remains of the Precursors born out of a powder that was meant to regenerate their old forms in the wake of the Forerunners lashing out at them. That powder became distorted over the passage of ten million years and brought only sickness and disease to all it touched. From there, the Flood’s ultimate goals, the nuance in which they’re presented to us, and the possibility of internal dissent make a recipe for a very interesting examination of what their future involvement in the Reclaimer Saga may mean…h2g15 Continue reading

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On the Librarian, Vanity, and Reclamation

We’ve covered some interesting topics recently, wouldn’t you agree? Forerunner architecture, the ever-present ambiguities of the connection between humans and Forerunners, the San’Shyuum and their potential role in the Reclaimer Saga’s future…

There’s a common theme in all of these posts.


I have no end of things to talk about when it comes to Forerunners, their era is my absolute favourite part of the Halo universe and the fiction that surrounds them is just… well, inexplicably marvellous. But today, I want to focus on one particular Forerunner who we all know whose influence spans millennia.lib2 Continue reading

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On Forerunner Architecture

The Forerunners lived as a space-faring race for over ten million years, their population likely numbering in the hundreds of billions. They were a genetically and culturally diverse people, with their Ecumene spanning over three million worlds.

And yet, some people think that their architectural style is singular, uniform… that it has just remained the same across time.

Well, is this the case? What examples of architectural diversity can we pick out with reference to the lore? And what does this ultimately tell us about the Forerunners themselves?

I can promise you answers to these questions, and hopefully change the way you think about the Forerunner playspaces many of us take for granted in the games.frca Continue reading

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On the Human-Forerunner Connection

This is a topic that I see no end of discussion of, and rarely is it actually a productive one. Please pardon my cynicism on the matter, but the discussion regarding the exact nature of the relationship between humanity and the Forerunners is often used for the purpose of slandering 343 for allegedly retconning the idea that humans and Forerunners are the same.

This is false. Seriously, anybody who posits this as a legitimate claim has, in all likelihood, not actually paid attention to either Bungie or 343’s fiction over the years.

So let’s examine this argument, shall we? This may take a while…forthencho7 Continue reading

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The Reclaimer Saga and the San’Shyuum

Here’s a suitably obscure but important lore topic to kick off my first post of 2015.

The San’Shyuum, better known to the wider audience as ‘the Prophets’, are one of the most important parts of the Halo story in ways that I don’t think we even fully understand yet. From their ancient alliance with humanity to their stewardship of the Covenant, the San’Shyuum have wormed their way into many important events and have constantly provided us with a great deal of mystery.

This post will aim to examine some of those mysteries in detail, and perhaps shed some light not only on what happened to them after the fall of the Covenant in Halo 3 but also what future role they may play in the Reclaimer Saga.tv12 Continue reading

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Halo 2 Anniversary: A Remastering of Character

By now, you’re all probably waist-deep in Halo nostalgia following the release of the Master Chief Collection – and rightfully so! The amount of content it has is absolutely staggering, there’s going to be a wealth of things to pick through and I’m thoroughly overwhelmed as I’m trying to get my head around Broken Circle, Nightfall, Halo 2 Anniversary’s Terminals, the updated encyclopaedia, and so on.

But I’d like to take a moment to look at a very specific scene in Halo 2 Anniversary, putting the awe of Blur’s beautiful cinematics aside for a moment to examine that it’s not just Halo’s combat that has evolved over ten years but the storytelling too.

For this, we’re going to examine the differences between the opening scene of The Arbiter.arb1 Continue reading

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